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Create The Life You Want, You Have Options!

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Create The Life You Want, You Have Options!

Services Offered: Career Process Steps, Essay and College Application Coaching, College Coaching

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About Leigh Anne Spraetz

LPC, NCC… a licensed counselor and independent career counselor, has had a successful private college and career practice for over 18 years. (read more…)

Our Services

– Career Process Steps
– Essay and College Application Coaching
– College Coaching

Class of 2016 Referrals

“You are 2 for 2 with my children!  Three years ago you helped my daughter get into her top college choice…” (read more)

Some of Our Class of 2016 Referrals

Your patience, knowledge and guidance were so helpful going through what can be an intimidating  process.  Thank you so much for all that you did to help my son get in to his first choice of colleges.  You made this experience much easier than I ever thought it would be.  Thank you for all of your help, advice and wisdom through the years and for helping my son to achieve his goals.

Parent of Alpharetta High School student

Mrs. Spraetz,

I’m more than thankful for everything you’ve done for me throughout high school and helped provide me with the opportunities that you have. Without your guidance, I don’t believe I would have been able to be accepted into my reach school! Thank you for everything and have nothing but good things to say.

2016 Senior, Lambert High School

Welcome To Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services

Welcome to Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services. As an avid proponent of lifelong learning, I believe each of us has the ability to create the life we want when we are rich in self-knowledge. With more than 18 years of working with high school students and young adults, I find that most have spent more time learning about the latest smart phone release or application than about themselves . Even my most accomplished students over the years spent little time understanding who they were and  how that fit into who they wanted to become as adults.

At Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services, I work with clients on an individual basis for career counseling and/or college planning. My services are offered on an a la carte basis, so parents and students can choose what they need and when they need it.

“Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.” Aristotle

In the world of information overload, it is often hard for clients to wade through all that comes at them to hear their own voices and to think about their strengths, aptitudes, personality characteristics, and values and how these fit into creating their futures. Having a professional guide them through career assessment results, explore careers and narrow those down, and then develop an action plan can allow them to cast a vision for their future and feel good about it.

I find that students have many great little and big life stories they can use for college essays, but they often stick with what is big in their lives at that moment, such as sports. These are often the same stories others students are telling. This does nothing to help them stand out as being unique to an admissions committee.

If you are a parent, you can readily admit that your college application process was nothing like what students face today. Many students are eager to tackle essays and applications, but become overwhelmed with all that is required, all while trying to succeed in school and in extracurricular activities. Some students dread the whole process and will procrastinate until a few hours before a deadline to complete an application − colleges can always tell when this happens.

Having a professional guide them through the pieces that must be done and develop a plan to do it can ease anxiety, enable students to present their “best selves” in applications, and ensure that everything is completed well before deadlines.

These are the areas I specialize in – one student at a time. Please go to my contact page to schedule a brief phone consultation to learn more about my services and to get your questions answered. I’m here to help create futures!


Leigh Anne Spraetz, LPC, NCC
Spraetz College and Career Coaching Services, Founder
“Helping Students and Young Adults Create Their Futures”
Member – NACAC, IECA